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Crown lengthening is a common treatment used to correct a ‘gummy smile’, which occurs when an excess amount of gum tissue is visible when smiling. A gummy smile does not cause any negative symptoms or affect oral health, but it can affect confidence and self-esteem.

Many who regard themselves as having a gummy smile feel self-conscious or embarrassed when they pose for photographs or go out in public. However, modern dentistry offers a host of solutions to improve smile aesthetics.

Crown lengthening is a simple and quick procedure which decreases the amount of gum tissue located around the teeth. The treatment leads to the creation of a more balanced, attractive and confident smile.

At Smile Perfections Dental, we provide crown lengthening for many patients who feel self-conscious due to excess gum tissue. We recognise the difference a full, healthy smile can make and offer this effective treatment to ensure patients get the most out of their smiles.

The Procedure

The crown lengthening procedure may sound frightening, but in reality, it is actually straightforward and completely painless:

  • Prior to the procedure, the gums will be numbed using a local anaesthetic to prevent any pain.
  • Your dentist will determine how much of the tissue needs to be removed.
  • Your Smile Perfections dentist will then trim away any excess gum tissue to allow more of the tooth structure to become visible. This will provide the teeth with a more elongated appearance.
  • The gums will be re-shaped using an advanced form of laser treatment.

After Treatment

It is normal for the gums to feel slightly uncomfortable and swollen after the treatment has been completed. Please be aware that this should subside quickly and over-the-counter pain relief can be used to ease soreness.

There is a relatively quick recovery time following the procedure and it is advisable to rinse the gums with a salt-water combination for the first few days. Take care when cleaning your teeth as the gums may be prone to sensitivity for a short time.

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